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Cherry Muffins

By Stéphanie Gauthier 2 months ago 350 Views

Cherry-Chocolate Duo: A Happy Gourmet Marriage!

Rose water mini pavlovas

By Stéphanie Gauthier 4 months ago 780 Views

A small sweet but light dessert. A nice little treat for the summer!

Carrot Salad

By Stéphanie Gauthier 6 months ago 926 Views

An easy-to-make carrot salad that adds color to your plate. A perfect side dish!

Celestial Yogurt

By Alice Mainguy 7 months ago 696 Views

For a light breakfast, a divine snack or a healthy dessert, treat youself to this little piece of heaven...

Assorted Refrigerator Cookies 3

By Alice Mainguy 8 months ago 736 Views

Remember the refrigerator cookies? This easy cookie recipe that you can freeze in rolls and bake on demand? Why not deliver some and make even more people happy?

  • Refrigeration: 1 hour
  • For about 45 cookies

Ginger Scones

By Alice Mainguy 10 months ago 719 Views

Elementary yet appetizing, these scones willingly get eaten, from breakfast to dessert. Try the lavender version too!

Garlic Aroma Spray

By Alice Mainguy 11 months ago 802 Views

Caution! This product may bring about a revolution in your eating habits!

Oats and Apple Sauce Cookies

By Alice Mainguy 1 year ago 748 Views

A little surplus of apples? Bake these nutritious and comforting cookies!

North-South Bouquet

By Alice Mainguy 1 year ago 855 Views

Lucie suggests this simple cocktail combining the local and the exotic. Cheers!

Lemon Yellow Pike Chowder

By Alice Mainguy 1 year ago 645 Views

This hearty chowder is the fruit of fisherman Sébastien Lavoie's patience allied to cook Estelle Mainguy's creativity!