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Bean Salad

By Alice Mainguy 21 days ago 75 Views

Colorful, tasty, nourishing, easy and economical... What else?

Chia and Wintergreen Pudding

By Alice Mainguy 2 months ago 173 Views

Depending on the day, this pudding may be a tasty breakfast, a satisfying snack or a healthy dessert to slip into the lunch bag.

Lavender Scones

By Alice Mainguy 3 months ago 192 Views

Let's bet you already have everything you need on your shelves! A few minutes suffice to materialise these distinguished perfumed scones, for tea time, breakfast or dessert.

Light-Hearted Punch

By Alice Mainguy 4 months ago 347 Views

A refreshment for nice kids, that naughty kids may boost to their liking. Happy holidays!

Spicy Hot Chocolate

By Alice Mainguy 4 months ago 286 Views

Have you ever tried your hot chocolate with a touch of latino heat? Here is a simple version, enhanced with a twist of cinnamon and cayenne. Some add cloves, nut powder or cream too. Once again, let your creativity guide you!

Beef and Root Stew

By Alice Mainguy 5 months ago 312 Views

Thanks to the crock pot, an appetizing aroma will welcome you home after work!

Substitute the vegetables as you please.

On the stove, plan 2 to 3 hours of cooking over low heat.

Beet Salad

By Alice Mainguy 6 months ago 393 Views

Even the skeptics will be won over! This creamy beet salad shall seduce the most fearful palates.

Stuffed Peppers

By Alice Mainguy 7 months ago 568 Views

Here is an idea of a meal for a change without complications.

Watermelon Slushie

By Alice Mainguy 8 months ago 701 Views

A tasty and healthy iced treat to try out this summer!

Keepsake Milkshake

By Alice Mainguy 9 months ago 1181 Views

This frozen dessert brings you back to childhood with flavours of vintage candy! All you need are three ingredients...