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Quinoa Meatloaf

By Alice Mainguy 2 years ago 873 Views

Not exactly grandma's recipe, but just as comforting!

Mustard and Basil Dip

By Alice Mainguy 3 years ago 1236 Views

Goes very well with fries, raw vegetables or fingers...

Nut Bread, with Goat Cheese, Honey and Basil Curls

By Alice Mainguy 4 years ago 1152 Views

Do you remember OCNI, these unidentified edible objects (or "Objets Comestibles Non Identifiés")? They are natural seasoning sticks (including Aliksir essential oils) to sharpen or shred as you go. In May , we suggested their Pear Salmon Tartare. Here is another of their creations, delicious and easy. Just assemble and place a couple aromatic curls on top.

Corn Butters

By Alice Mainguy 4 years ago 1708 Views

A couple fork strokes suffice to take your corn party off the beaten path! Freeze the leftovers in ice trays, store the cubes in an airtight container and you will have delicious instant croutons in stock!

For more flavours, take a look here.


By Alice Mainguy 5 years ago 2012 Views

A great classic of French cuisine, easy for once! With a little Quebecois secret... This dish will comfort you in the chill of fall and combine all the vegetables the gardens lavish on us.

Watermelon Gazpacho

By Alice Mainguy 5 years ago 2216 Views

I discovered this seemingly daring mix in a potluck, from a Spanish friend. The sweetness of the watermelon subtly balances the acidity of the tomato. I just can't get enough!