Agriculture Biologique Québec vrai USDA Organic

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Celestial Yogurt

By Alice Mainguy 9 months ago 754 Views

For a light breakfast, a divine snack or a healthy dessert, treat youself to this little piece of heaven...

Assorted Refrigerator Cookies 2

By Alice Mainguy 3 years ago 1030 Views

Fight grey skies by stocking on sweets! You can bake them when the time comes: after school, for dessert, for tea, in the middle of the night...

Sea-Buckthorn Cocktail

By Alice Mainguy 4 years ago 4159 Views

This drink harmonizes the most colorful aromas of Portneuf, from La Ferme d'Achille's sea buckthorn to Aliksir's chocolate peppermint. Cheers!

Perfumed Chocolate Cream

By Stéphanie Gauthier 5 years ago 1736 Views

The Easter bunny is just around the corner! Grown-ups can also have chocolate treats...