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Watermelon Slushie

By Alice Mainguy 1 month ago 373 Views

A tasty and healthy iced treat to try out this summer!

Keepsake Milkshake

By Alice Mainguy 2 months ago 502 Views

This frozen dessert brings you back to childhood with flavours of vintage candy! All you need are three ingredients...

Bread Pudding

By Alice Mainguy 5 months ago 479 Views

Let's revisit this old classic!

Snickerdoodle Energy Balls

By Alice Mainguy 6 months ago 440 Views

Set your creativity free! Allow yourself to explore and substitute the ingredients as you please. These delicious little balls are particularly flexible since they are not baked.


By Alice Mainguy 8 months ago 514 Views

Baklavas evoke heaven to me... Nothing below! They are traditionnally flavoured with rose and orange blossom (neroli). You will find thousands of versions on the Web.

Assorted Refrigerator Cookies 2

By Alice Mainguy 10 months ago 561 Views

Fight grey skies by stocking on sweets! You can bake them when the time comes: after school, for dessert, for tea, in the middle of the night...

Fusion Pumpkin Pie

By Alice Mainguy 11 months ago 840 Views

Rachèle blends cultures! In this traditional American dessert, you will find a dash of Quebecois maple syrup and Asian coconut.

Ginger and Honey Icing

By Alice Mainguy 1 year ago 1042 Views

This simple icing is just perfect to enhance a bread or a cake's flavour. Try it with the zucchini or carrot cake, or with buckwheat, rhubarb or beet muffins.

Spicy Clementines

By Alice Mainguy 2 years ago 1370 Views

This refined fruit salad hamonizes the spring sun and the warmth of winter spices. The Aliksir touch makes the spices invisible to the eye but all the more so stimulating to the taste buds!

New York-Style Cheesecake

By Alice Mainguy 2 years ago 849 Views

To celebrate or just to treat yourself, prepare this delicious cake Estelle has concocted for us.