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Ginger and Honey Icing

By Alice Mainguy 5 months ago 837 Views

This simple icing is just perfect to enhance a bread or a cake's flavour. Try it with the zucchini or carrot cake, or with buckwheat, rhubarb or beet muffins.

Corn Butters

By Alice Mainguy 6 months ago 665 Views

A couple fork strokes suffice to take your corn party off the beaten path! Freeze the leftovers in ice trays, store the cubes in an airtight container and you will have delicious instant croutons in stock!

For more flavours, take a look here.

​Rhubarb Muffins

By Alice Mainguy 9 months ago 757 Views

For breakfast, snack or dessert; have a seasonal muffin!

Surprise Flans

By Alice Mainguy 2 years ago 1133 Views

We are here revisiting the classic Spanish flan under various accents. The most popular flavours in the family are ginger, grapefruit and anise. But once again, essential oils offer a myriad of original possibilities.

Maple Caramel Banana Jam

By Alice Mainguy 2 years ago 1040 Views

Here is an easy and delectable recipe taken from the book Mes recettes de cuisine aux huiles essentielles : Plaisir, santé et minceur, by Danièle Festy, at Éditions Leduc.s.