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Solutions écologiques

Honey, Berries and Blood Orange Muffins

By Stéphanie Gauthier 4 months ago 439 Views

A perfect muffin for a quick breakfast or a healthy snack at any time of the day.

Celestial Yogurt

By Alice Mainguy 1 year ago 1034 Views

For a light breakfast, a divine snack or a healthy dessert, treat youself to this little piece of heaven...

Teriyaki Orange Beef

By Alice Mainguy 4 years ago 1179 Views

A delicious recipe by Miss Papila!

Published in January 2019 in Courrier de Portneuf.

What if we started the year with a dish that is ultra flavoured, but above all ultra easy to make on top of being economical. The secret ingredient of this recipe is Aliksir's sweet orange essential oil. A few drops of this gastronomic oil suffice to make a dish sublime. This is a great natural ingredient to discover. Plus it is easy to use in cooking, to flavour water or to give a final touch to your cocktails!

Fusion Pumpkin Pie

By Alice Mainguy 4 years ago 1750 Views

Rachèle blends cultures! In this traditional American dessert, you will find a dash of Quebecois maple syrup and Asian coconut.

​Rhubarb Muffins

By Alice Mainguy 4 years ago 2070 Views

For breakfast, snack or dessert; have a seasonal muffin!

Spicy Clementines

By Alice Mainguy 4 years ago 2146 Views

This refined fruit salad hamonizes the spring sun and the warmth of winter spices. The Aliksir touch makes the spices invisible to the eye but all the more so stimulating to the taste buds!

Mulled Wine

By Alice Mainguy 5 years ago 1862 Views

Here is our version of the traditional European mulled wine. As simple as it gets, sweet as a treat... Enjoy winter!

Assorted Refrigerator Cookies

By Alice Mainguy 5 years ago 2027 Views

Stock up on tasty surprises! You can then take them out in the right occasions: tea with friends, unplanned visit, night craving, etc.

Pumpkin Soup with Sweet Orange and Nutmeg

By Alice Mainguy 5 years ago 1927 Views

Try this season potage from La cuisine aux huiles essentielles, des recettes saines et créatives (Ambre Éditions, p.28) by French chef Aymeric Pataud.

Chocolate and Orange Breakfast Pudding

By Alice Mainguy 5 years ago 2043 Views

Everybody knows breakfast provides the energy we need to perform in the morning, after the night fast. Nevertheless, we too often neglect this crucial meal. This easy, versatile and hyper-nutritive recipe is a good way to get our morning nutrients without setting the alarm clock at 5 am.