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By Alice Mainguy 2 years ago 856 Views

Baklavas evoke heaven to me... Nothing below! They are traditionnally flavoured with rose and orange blossom (neroli). You will find thousands of versions on the Web.

Challah Bread with Rose

By Alice Mainguy 3 years ago 1326 Views

Fruit of the Jewish culture, this brioche bread is traditionnally served on celebrations like Sabbath. Rachèle had the delicious idea of adding a touch of rose to the classic recipe found in Second Helpings, Please!

Dried Fruits Salad

By Rachèle Mainguy 4 years ago 1488 Views

Khoshaf is a dried fruits salad from Egypt.

An exotic delight that is traditionally prepared a few days in advance. But for those last minute style, don’t worry! A shortcut exists.

Yields 8-10 portions