Agriculture Biologique Qu├ębec vrai USDA Organic

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Buying Groups

Truly amazing and made super easy!

Buying groups are designed for wise customers who get together in order to reduce shipping costs and enjoy rebates granted by businesses for large orders. Thanks to our innovative Buying Groups Platform, it is now easier than ever to buy together with benefits and fun for everyone.

You wish to form a Buying Group?

  1. Contact us to become a Group Administrator.
  2. Invite all your friends to join in and become Members though our Buying Groups platform.
  3. Enjoy an incredible rebate of 25% on all online products.
  4. Confirm your grouped order of a minimum 600$ after discount.
  5. Pick-up your order or receive it to a single address in one economical shipment.
  6. Deliver to your members already prepared sub-orders and collect only for shipping, if applicable! Their personal orders are already paid.


How simple is that!