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Aliksir shares ecological solutions

Since 1988, "Respectfully, with Mother Nature and on her behalf… "

Nature is a way of life and our production methods are based on this core value. Through the years, for our own needs, we have implemented very efficient ecological solutions, such as the rainwater collection and the Canadian well that tempers and ventilates our installations. Since 2012, we have also been experimenting with "compost-thermia" and litter flush dry toilets, as promising solutions based on the valorization of our distillery’s residue, muka, or any other biomass. We now wish to share these problem-solving experiments through a project called the "Circular Habitat", launched in 2014.

Everyone must remember: Nature never produces waste, only resources for all creatures.

Dry Toilets

News Articles

Jan. 18 2017
Le Soleil : Des toilettes pour tous!

Feb. 28 2016
Courrier de Portneuf : Terr-O-Nostra naît dans Portneuf

Feb. 22 2016
Le Devoir : Des toilettes pour sauver l’eau potable

May 13 2015
La Maison du 21e siècle : Portneuf mise sur les toilettes sèches

March 18 2015
Courrier de Portneuf : À la découverte des toilettes sèches à Grondines


Des toilettes sè pourquoi pas ?
Film d'animation de Gabrielle Mainguy (durée: 7 minutes)
Toilettes sèches - Présentation générale (PDF)
Présentation du projet CACA d'or (PDF) - Infoman (Dec. 10 2015)
INFOMAN - Spécial Chine 1
Innovations d'urbanisme & écologie à Shanghai (durée: 22 minutes)
Le documentaire sur les toilettes à compost est à 7 min. 30 sec. de l'émission.

CHOI Radio X (April 11, 2016)
Lucie Mainguy interviewed at CHOI Radio X
Des toilettes sèches dans vos maisons à Québec, oui ça vient!


Comité organisateur du Forum sur les eaux domestiques (COFED)
Facebook: COFED

The regulations Q2R22

In an approach to validate a proposal of revision of the regulations Q2R22 regarding management of domestic waste water, the government from Quebec undertook a public consultation.

Here is the report submitted by Aliksir (PDF in french, June 17th, 2016), who proposes improvements important for the legal status of toilet with compost.

In a prospect of sustainable development, Aliksir gets involved by valuing its own residues of distillation, in the form of litter for dry toilet. In the same order of idea, Aliksir proposes a system of management integrated by the materials domestic compostables and human excrement in compliance with the laws of nature.

Here is the report submitted by Terr-O-Nostra (PDF in french, June 17th, 2016), drafted in an optics of of long-lasting assainisssement.

TERR-O-NOSTRA is a non-profit organization which has for mission to contribute to the health of the Earth and her inhabitants by favoring the sustainable management of the domestic resources by education as well as by development, the promotion and the implementation of products and equitable services anchored in a holistic vision which placing people within the ecosystem and of "Living Together".