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Mater, Massage Oil

Mater, Massage Oil


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  • Mater, Massage Oil Mater, Massage Oil

Equilibre, Massage Oil


Serenade, Massage Oil

Mater, Massage Oil

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Massage oil who relates to Mother Hearth.

Product Description

An olfactive dynamic made to help dynamising the process of creativity, help to "give birth".

It helps us to realise our plan, to express our deep nature through our creations. In this vision, it gives an energie rush to all the steps of the creation process.

  • inspiration, and conception
  • incubation and assimilation
  • trust and willingness
  • power and practical intelligence
  • action, expression and courage

It is aslo a good partner for lovers massages and to help activating and stimulating the work during childbirth.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil and St John’s Wort macerated oil. Essential oils of clary sage, ginger, allspice, Moroccan blue chamomile, Labrador tea, bergamot zest, neroli (orange blossom). Jasmine absolute.

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Technical Informations

Properties in aromatherapy: Massage oil with essential oils kwown for their capacity to help express creativity. 
Indications: Creativity. Tired legs. Sleeping disorders. Lovers massage. Childbirth. 


Massage oil






For a relaxing massages: the preparation can be use directly as a massage oil.

For a more subtle aroma: the preparation can be diluted with a high quality vegetable oil, such as sunflower seed oil or sweet almond oil.

For lovers massage:  the preparation can be apply in a general or specific way.

The softness of this blend on skin is so that it can be use as a lubricant.

To facilitate the work durant childbirth:  the lover or the mid-wife can softly massage the mother's lower back region, the feet (mostly the ankles region) and legs during the childbirth. It can also be use during the few last months of the pregnency as a hydratating oil to prevent strecht marks.

This blend is efficient for heavy legs and sleep troubles.

Preperation for tired legs and sleep disorders:  

In the hand palm, put :

  • 1 tea spoon of Mater oil
  • 2 drops of Geranium (pelargonium asperum rosat)
  • 1 drop of Vetiver (vetiveria zizanoïdes)

Avoid any contact with eye.

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Aliksir strongly recommends that you consult with a physician or aromatherapist. It is important to inform yourself concerning contraindications or incompatibilities with other substances. Essential oils are powerful, and they must be used according to the physiological doses.

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