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Set of the 9 Essences (2ml bottles)

Set of the 9 Essences (2ml bottles)


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Essence Équilibre No 0, Perfume


Mater, Perfume, 10ml

Set of the 9 Essences (2ml bottles)

Product Description

The Essences Set in colour

Create a symphony in your life with the harmonious power of pure essential oils. These 9 vibrant and natural perfumes envelope you with an aura of joy and beauty; they will help you boost your strength and your personal qualities, in a uniting and harmonizing way. Each perfume vibrates according to its own frequency, associated to:

a thought,

a stone,

a colour,

a number…from zero to the infinite.

One for each day and each mood or the rainbow which unites them all, in a little bag to randomly pick out one everyday. 

Organic ingredients: Pure essential oils in sunflower or St-John’s-wort oil.

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Pick out the daily perfume from the bag, the best for you on that day, apply on wrists and neck.

To connect well with the perfume energy, apply in circle in the palm of you hand, join and rub hands together and experience while smelling with your hands joined.

As a tool of harmonization, apply on the corresponding energy center.

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