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Aloe Silky Gel, 50ml

Aloe Silky Gel, 50ml


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Rose and Argan Rejuvenating Cream, 50ml


Eye Contour Regenerates cream, 15ml

Aloe Silky Gel, 50ml

Tensor effect and regenerating, this gel builds a protective layer on your skin. This layer protects from external stresses and gives your skin a younger aspect, less apparent wrinkles and a silky and soft skin.

Product Description


Characteristics : Tensor effect
Ingredients : Rose flower water, aloe vera leaf juice, hibiscus flower extract, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, thyme and oregano extracts, xanthan gum, essential oils (myrtle, geranium, palmarosa, peppermint), magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, tocopherol, green tea leaf extract, maltodextrin, potassium sorbate. 


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Technical Informations

These products are :

  • Free of parabens (preservation agent known to be highly toxic)
  • Free of formaldehydes (derived from toxic gases, irritating and carcinogenic)
  • Free of EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, considered carcinogenic)
  • Free of paraffin (obtained from oil, occlusive for skin pores)
  • Free of PEGS (alpha-hydro-omega-hydroxypoly, emulsifier derived from toxic gases)
  • Free of silicone oil (highly occlusive); · Free of mineral oils (derived from petrochemistry which prevents pores from breathing)
  • Free of artificial perfumes/fragrances (chemicals causing allergies and often carcinogenic)
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NATURAL product, to be used within six months of opening.

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