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Serum No. 2 Velour (Dry/dehydrated), 10ml

Serum No. 2 Velour (Dry/dehydrated), 10ml


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Serum No. 3 Balanced Complexion (Normal/combination skin), 10ml


Serum No. 1 Intemporal (Mature skin), 15ml dropper cap

Serum No. 2 Velour (Dry/dehydrated), 10ml

For dry/dehydrated (sensitive) skin.

Product Description

For dry/dehydrated (sensitive) skin. Your skin, likely fine, does not secrete enough sebum and easily dehydrates. Skin texture is tight and little wrinkles are numerous and early occuring. Dry/dehydrated skin is often sensitive to exterior stress.

Ingredients: VO: rosehip, argan. EO: Ho wood, petitgrain orange, palmarosa, Labrador tea, wild carrot.

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Common problems :

  • Dermatitis (erythematous-papulous-pruriginous patches, xerosis)
  • Psoriasis (erythematous-scaling patches)


Apply evently each morning and night.

Apply daily on a clean skin and let act for a few minutes before applying your moisturiser.

Apply concentrating on the problem areas.

Note: It may be a good idea to consult a specialist to determine your skin type according to each season in order to adapt your skin care to your real needs.

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