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Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana / divaricata) Essential Oil

Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana / divaricata) Essential Oil


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Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana / divaricata) Essential Oil

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Plant description

Latin Name : Pinus divaricata, Pinus banksiana
English Name : Jack pine
French Name : Pin gris
Family : Pinaceae
Origin : Canada

History and Origin

 Jack pine, a boreal medium-sized conifer, grows in sandy, gravely, and dry soils. It prefers limestone or clay soils and is abundantly found around Lake St. John. Among all types of pine, Jack pine presents the widest geographical distribution in North America. It is used in construction as well as for the production of paper pulp.  Jack pine is nicknamed « son of fire » because he possesses the special feature to only spreadits seeds when the cones are exposed to intense temperatures during forest fires. And since its seeds can germinate within 10 days, jack pine easily beats competition. In some regions, it is mistaken for cypress, and it was notably reflected in the famous novel written by Louis Hémon, Maria Chapdeleine. On the medicinal level, Native people have different used for the tree, notably to heal cuts, resuscitate fainted people and clear congested respiratory tract.

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Needles and twigs
Extraction : Steam distillation
Main Components : a-pinene, d-3-carene
Oil Characteristics : Transparent liquid with a typical pine smell, green and slightly peppery.
Properties : Tonic, stimulant, hypertensive+++, neurotonic, lymphatic decongestant, anti-infectious, antifungal, antiseptic
Indications : Asthenia++, bronchitis++, sinusitis++, asthma++, inflammation, allergies

Safety Data and Contraindications

  • Non toxic and non irritant.
  • No contraindication known under normal physiological doses.


Documentation and References

  • L’aromathérapie exactement
  • La Flore Laurentienne
  • Native American Ethnobotany
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