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Norway Pine (Pinus resinosa) Essential Oil

Norway Pine (Pinus resinosa) Essential Oil

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Norway Pine (Pinus resinosa) Essential Oil

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  • USDA Organic

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From: CA$18.18

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From: CA$18.18

Plant description

Latin Name : Pinus resinosa
English Name : Norway Pine
French Name : Pin rouge
Family : Pinaceae
Origin : Canada

History and Origin

 Also called, Resinous Pine, Norway Pine is a splendid tree reaching between 20 and 30 meters in height. Its reddish bark creates a spectacular contrast with the dark green and long needles. Clearly heliophilous, it does not stand growing in the shade of other trees. Not surprising that, in open spaces, it fructifies after 20 or 25 years and, in the shade of other trees, after between 50 and 60 years. Norway pine’s fibre is strong, light and time-resistant, making it a useful material for all kinds of constructions. Native Americans traditionally use it for numerous reasons, notably in external use to treat flu, as a stimulant, against headache and back ache with a steam bath as well as to resuscitate comatose patients.

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Needles and twigs
Extraction : Steam distillation
Main Components : a-pinene and ß-pinene
Oil Characteristics : Transparent liquid with a typical pine smell; green and very slightly camphoric.
Properties : Anticatarrhal, expectorant+++, antiseptic+++, oxygenating (after oxonification)++++, stimulating+++
Indications : Catarrhal or respiratory infections++, asthenia and faintness+++, some scalp disorders
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Safety Data and Contraindications

No known contraindication at physiological doses.


Documentation and References

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  • La Flore Laurentienne 
  • Native American Ethnobotany