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Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Essential Oil

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Essential Oil

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Common Sage (Salvia officinalis) Essential Oil


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Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Essential Oil

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From: CA$16.49

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From: CA$16.49

Plant description

Latin Name : Salvia sclarea
English Name : Clary sage
French Name : Sauge sclarée
Family : Lamiaceae
Origin : France

History and Origin

 Sage is cultivated since Antiquity. It used to be called “clear eye” (origin of its name: “clary” sage). People believed it was able to reinforce eye vision. Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is one of the two sage varieties used in perfumery; the other one being Salvia officinalis. Sclareol, typical component of this plant, is a very powerful molecule that is highly sought after for its capacity to produce derivatives with an amber aroma. Large scale cultures of Clary sage are exploited in the United-States, China and Ukraine and used to produce a concrete from which sclareol is chemically extracted. Provence also produces Clary sage.

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Flowering tops
Extraction : Steam distillation
Main Components : Sesquiterpenes 5%, monoterpenols 15%, diterpenol 5%, esters 75%, coumarines
Oil Characteristics : Clear liquid, colorless to yellow-brown, with a pleasant and herbaceous smell and a slightly camphoric note. Perfume fixative.
Properties : Oestrogen-like action, menstrual cycle regulator, aphrodisiac, phlebotonic, anti-hyper-cholesterolemiant, minor anti-infectious, occasional antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, antiepileptic, relaxing, neurotonic (action on spinal bulb and cerebellum), scalp tonic
Indications : Amenorrhea++++, oligomenorrhea, premenopause+++, genital infections (caused by homone insufficiency), circulatory problems, varixes, haemorrhoids, arteriovenous aneurysm, cholesterol, skin mycosis, nervous fatigue, oily skin and hair, excessive perspiration, hair loss, dandruff

Energetic and Emotional Effect

The plant shares with us the power to connect with the feminine principle. It takes us on a fast rise towards the superior chakras while providing strength to our legs. Applied on the base or root chakra, it enhances our connection with Mother Earth, sensual pleasure, self-love and love for others. Applied on the plexus and frontal chakras, it eases the access to knowledge and psychic communication through dreaming. Sage seems to make dreams clearer and/or to help us remember them. This plant purifies and tones up the mental body, which allows us to come more easily into contact with joy and peace of mind. With this oil, women will find a help for mid-life crisis and periods of change and transition.

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 Used in the preparation of products for oily hair and skin.

Safety Data and Contraindications

  • Should be avoided in pregnant women and young children.
  • Should also be avoided in persons presenting mastosis and cancerosis.
  • Special attention must be paid because of the plant’s hormonal influence in women: please, consult with your physician.


Lot BSASCFRA06T (2018/06)


Terpene Ester: linalyl acetate (60,50 %)

Monoterpenols: linalool (20,32 %), alpha-terpineol (2,46 %)

Sesquiterpene: germacrene D (2,89 %)

Documentation and References

  • L'AROMATHÉRAPIE EXACTEMENT, Pierre Franchomme and Daniel Pénoël