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Avocado (Persea americana) Virgin Plant Oil

Avocado (Persea americana) Virgin Plant Oil

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Avocado (Persea americana) Virgin Plant Oil

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From: CA$13.06

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From: CA$13.06

Plant description

Latin Name : Persea americana, Persea gratissima
English Name : Avocado
French Name : Avocat
Family : Lauraceae
Origin : Spain, Kenya, Italy

History and Origin 

The avocado tree is a fruit tree of the laurel family native to Mexico and Central America. It is cultivated for its fruit rich in lipids, the avocados. 


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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Used Part : Fruit 
Extraction : Cold Pressed with centrifugation, unrefined (virgin). About 10kg of fruit is needed to produce 1 L of oil.
Main Components : Avocado oil, just like olive oil, is rich in monounsaturated fatty acid (approx. 80% of fatty acids). The content in palmitoleic acid is a specific of avocado as well as its higher value in alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3), which balances positively the ratio between omega-3 and omega-6. It is also known for its outstanding value in unsaponifiable matter: 5% (compared to a maximum of 1% for other oils).
Oil Characteristics : The oil presents a rich green color. Avocado oil is highly resistant to oxidation when it is extracted from good quality fruits by centrifugation. Low temperature processing maintains a good level in tocopherol and enhances conservation. It can be of up to two years if the container protects the oil from sunlight. Avocado oil’s stability in terms of oxidation translates into a high thermal resistance, with a smoke point over 250°C. Centrifugation as a process also presents the advantage of preserving the fruit’s subtle aroma.
Properties : Softening, hydrating, skin protector, regenerating, fortifying, enhances cell regeneration, gives back elasticity to skin, protect facial skin from all exterior aggressions (sun rays, to dry winds, cold temperatures)
Indications : Dry skins, delicate skins (neck, eye contour), dry hands (cracks and chafing), stretch marks, dry and dull hair
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 It has been proven that a regular consumption of avocado presents a positive effect on cholesterolemia. After seven days of eating avocado in good quantity, patients suffering hypercholesterolemia have seen their levels lower by an average of 17%. These patients have also shown a 22% decrease of their LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels, as well as an increase of 11% of the (good) HDL cholesterol.

The richness of avocado oil in monounsaturated fatty acids is comparable to olive oil. The beneficial effects of cardiovascular protection related to the Mediterranean Diet are partly associated to the place occupied by those fatty acids instead of saturated fats. The sterols in the unsaponifiable fraction of avocado oil, specifically sitosterol, complement this action by limiting the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. Lowering of blood cholesterol level is measured with an intake of a minimal 1 g of phytosterols per day. With its high content in phytosterols (5% in the oil), a table spoon will bring about 80% of the gram. Also beneficial is the presence of carotenoïds, which are antioxidants as well as precursors of vitamin A, crucial for vision. Finally, the presence of tocopherols and polyphenols reinforce the antioxidant property of the oil.


Applied directly to skin, avocado oil penetrates rapidly, leaving practically no oily feeling. Known as excellent anti-wrinkle oil, avocado is also recommended for very dry skins. It can be used on most delicate skin zones, such as eye contour and neck, as well as on the thickest, for instance the palms, elbows, and feet.

For dry and dull hair, avocado oil is excellent. Avocado oil fortifies hair and accelerates growth. How to Use: Generously spread on scalp and hair, cover with a towel and let stand for a whole night. In the morning, gently remove excess oil it with a very mild shampoo or soap.


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