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Light Foot, Care Oil

Light Foot, Care Oil


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Flex, Care Oil


Peachy Complexion, Care Oil

Light Foot, Care Oil

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This preparation helps relieving the sensation of heavy legs by activating blood and lymphatic circulation. It also helps to prevent varicose veins and blood vessels troubles in lower parts of the body.

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Technical Informations

Properties: Massage oil made with essential oils well known for their properties contributing to give tonus to blood vessels and to activate circulation. 
Indications: Heavy legs, varicose veins, blood circulation disorders in lower parts of the body.


Apply locally by massage. 


External use :

  • Apply gently on foot and legs, without pressing or rubbing, making heartwards movements. If heaviness is persistent, apply on legs and gently massage making heartwards light pression.

For a more efficent sleep :

  • Apply directly on foot and legs before going to sleep.

It would be benefic to finish showering with cold water on the entire leg, including foot, up to the hips.

In case of severe health problems (circulatory problems, phlébitis), it is recommended to ask your doctor before using any self-medication.

Undergoing allergy tests on a small surface is also recommended (on your wrist or on the elbow fold).

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Aliksir strongly recommends that you consult with a physician or aromatherapist. It is important to inform yourself concerning contraindications or incompatibilities with other substances. Essential oils are powerful, and they must be used according to the physiological doses.