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Buddha Wood (Eremophila mitchellii)

Buddha Wood (Eremophila mitchellii)


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Buddha Wood (Eremophila mitchellii)

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Plant description

Latin Name : Eremophila mitchellii
English Name : Buddha Wood
French Name : Bois de bouddha
Family : Myoporaceae
Origin : Australia

History and Origin

Eremophila mitchellii is a small tree from Australia’s dry areas. The species was first described in 1848 by the botanist George Bentham and named after the explorer Thomas Mitchell. Eremophila mitchellii is also known as false sandalwood or bastard sandalwood. The three main components of Buddha Wood oil are sesquiterpene ketones that had never before been discovered in nature. 


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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Wood
Extraction : Steam distillation
Oil Characteristics : Viscous and thick oil of amber colour with a woody and earthy odour. 
Properties : Excellent for meditation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, stimulant for the immune system, calming. 
Indications : Rheumatism, arthritis, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders.  
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Buddha Wood oil can be used in diffusion for its relaxing properties for the body and mind.  


It can be used as a perfume base or fixative.  


It blends well with other woody or floral scent oil like lemon myrtle and Australian Sandalwood. 

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Sesquiterpene Ketones: eremophilone (30,3 %), hydroxyl eremophilone (29,8 %), hydroxyl dihydro eremophilone (13,0 %)

Documentation and References

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