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No 10, Ultrasonic Nebulizer

No 10, Ultrasonic Nebulizer


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No 10, Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Here’s the diffuser you’ll want to place in your children’s bedroom!

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Technical Informations


Garantie : One Year Manufacturer Warranty
Diffusion Time Continued: 4 hours
Fill Capacity: 80 ml
Noise: Very Low
Energy: 1 kw/h = 55 hours
Dimensions: 180 x 107 mm
Area covered: 400 square-feet
Lights: Led on/off, Alternating colors or single
Number vibrations/second: 1.7 millions


Fill the tank with tap water and pure essential oils. An hydrosol can replace tap water to multiply aroma combinations.


  • You should NEVER immerse your diffuser to clean it
  • If you find calcifications that won’t be removed with alcohol, fill-in the tank with a 50-50 blend of vinegar and water and let stand for about 30 minutes
  • Remove residue