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Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) Essential Oil

Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) Essential Oil

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Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) Essential Oil

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From: CA$14.84

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From: CA$14.84

Plant description

Latin Name: Cedrus atlantica
English Name: Atlas cedar
French Name: Cèdre de l’Atlas, Cèdre de l'Atlantique
Family: Abietacea
Origin: Morocco

History and Origin

Atlas cedar is a conifer from the Middle East and The Himalayas, acclimated to Europe. Symbol of Lebanon, its wood was used for the construction of the first Temple of Jerusalem, around 976 B.C.
This wood has the quality, besides its aroma, to repel insects and worms. Cedar, “erez” in Hebrew, is the most cited tree in the Bible.
In Guyana, the term “cedar” has a completely different semantic field botanically. In Canada, the same term is used to designate “thuya”, Eastern white cedar. In Egypt, cedar oil was used for embalming the dead; it was part of the process of mummification.

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part: Wood
Extraction: Steam distillation
Oil Characteristics: Clear yellow liquid with a fine wood smell, similar to the smell of furniture was, but more acid.
Properties: Cicatrizer, arterial regenerative++, lymphatic tonic++, lipolytic+++, astringent, moth and insect repellent, relaxant.
Indications: Atherosclerosis ++, cellulitis+++, wounds, hydrolipidic retention ++, bronchitis, tuberculosis, dermatitis, gonorrhea, oily skin and hair, dandruff, hair shedding, nervous tension, sadness.

Energetic and Emotional Effect

Atlas cedar oil helps accepting and loving oneself. It helps generating faith and hope in striving to reach one’s heart goals.

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Base note, resinous and woody.


Used in diffusion to calm down energies. Wood is used in construction.


Used in the preparation of skin and scalp products.

Safety Data and Contraindications

Neurotoxic and abortive. Do not use in pregnant woman and babies.


Lot B-CEATMAR11Q (2015/06)


Sesquiterpenes: β-himachalene (43,76 %), α-himachalene (15,97 %), γ-himachalene (9,35 %)

Sesquiterpene ketone: γ-atlantone (2,81 %)


Lot B-CEATMAR03RP (2015/06)


Sesquiterpenes: β-himachalene (45,54 %), α-himachalene (17,17 %), y-himachalene (10,76 %)


Lot B-CEATMAR03R (2016/11)


Sesquiterpenes: β-himachalene (45,65 %), α-himachalene (16,39 %), γ-himachalene (9,55 %)


Lot B-CEATMAR12R (2017/10)


Sesquiterpenes:  β-himachalene (43,01 %), α-himachalene (17,25 %), γ-himachalene (10,34 %)




Sesquiterpenes:  β-himachalene (43,35 %), α-himachalene (16,33 %), γ-himachalene (11,75 %)


Lot BCEATMAR06T (2018/08)


Sesquiterpenes:  β-himachalene (41,99 %), α-himachalene (16,46 %), γ-himachalene (10,16 %)


Lot BCEATMAR05U (2020/01)


Sesquiterpenes:  β-himachalene (43,61 %), α-himachalene (16,49 %), γ-himachalene (9,83 %)


Lot BCEATMAR03V (2020/09)


Sesquiterpenes:  β-himachalene (37,85 %), α-himachalene (14,57 %), γ-himachalene (9,03 %)


Lot BCEATMAR09V (2021/03)


Sesquiterpenes:  β-himachalene (28,42 %), α-himachalene (15,39 %), γ-himachalene (9,26 %)


Lot BCEATMAR08W (2022/04)


Sesquiterpenes:  β-himachalene (41,28 %), α-himachalene (15,13 %), γ-himachalene (9,39 %)


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