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Grapefruit Pink Zest (Citrus paradisii) Essential Oil

Grapefruit Pink Zest (Citrus paradisii) Essential Oil

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Grapefruit Pink Zest (Citrus paradisii) Essential Oil

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From: CA$19.64

Plant description

Latin Name : Citrus paradisii
English Name : Grapefruit
French Name : Pamplemousse rose, pomelo
Family : Rutaceae
Origin : Paraguay

History and origin

Citrus paradisii is a very popular citrus in the market. It is a large fruit that ranges in diameter from approximately 10 to 15 cm, with a yellow or pink peel when ripe. However, the fruit is very much smaller than the pomelo fruit, Citrus maxima syn. Citrus grandis. When discovered in the Antilles around 18th century, the pomelo was considered as a mutation of Citrus grandis. Then, in 1847, James Mac Fayden, in his book Flore de la Jamaïque, gave it its botanical name Citrus paradisii. From 1948, one started to suspect that pomelo was in fact a hybrid of Citrus maxima x Citrus sinensis, i.e. a hybrid of grapefruit and orange. Moreover, its botanical name appears more and more often written in order to reflect this hybrid status: Citrus x paradisii.

Grapefruit tree is mainly grown in North America (Florida, California, Texas), in Brazil, in the Antilles an in Israel. Pink grapefruit is a cross between pomelo and sweet orange. Its fruit, with a thin yellow to pink peel is an edible berry slightly sweet made of a dozen of sections. It grows in bunches, hence its English name "grapefruit".


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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Zest
Extraction : Cold pressing
Oil Characteristics : Yellow oily liquid with characteristic grapefruit scent, tangy and sweet.
Properties :

Aperitive. Drainer for the liver and kidneys, detoxifier. Astringent, diuretic and depurative. Combating hair loss. Positive effect on congested and oily skin. Air antiseptic. Tonic of the nervous system. Digestive stimulant.

Indications :

Desinfecting rooms ++. Muscular: tiredness and muscular stiffness. Skin: cellulite, water retention, obesity, congested and oily skin. Hair loss. Nervous system: fatigue, stress and anxiety. Air diffusion.

Energetic and Emotional Effect : Calm mental agitation and allows contact with inner voice. It dissipates mental thoughts trapped in the aura, making this oil a strong cleaner of the mental body. It clears the etheric blood of karmic imprints and heals problems letting the parasites invading the body.
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It can be used in recipes like white tea with grapefruit essence or pineapple flan. 


It can be used to sanitize air and give a fresh scent in houses with nebulizers. Put a few drops in the wash water for the floors.  


Facial care for people with congested or oily skin in cream composition or cleaning gel (be careful to photosensitization).












Safety Data and Contraindications

Photosensitizing: Avoid sun exposure or exposure to UV for many hours after cutaneous application of this oil. 


Lot : B-CIPARZMEX03R (2016/10)


Monoterpenes : limonene (93,92 %)


Lot : B-CIPARZMEX006S (2017/01)


Monoterpene : limonene (93,92 %)


Lot : BCIPARZZAF02T (2018/11)

South Africa

Monoterpene: limonene (94,508 %) 























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Documentation and References

  • L'AROMATHÉRAPIE EXACTEMENT Pierre Franchomme et Daniel Pénoël