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Sweet Orange Zest (Citrus sinensis) Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Zest (Citrus sinensis) Essential Oil

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Sweet Orange Zest (Citrus sinensis) Essential Oil

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  • Qu├ębec vrai
  • USDA Organic

Availability: In stock

From: CA$8.50

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From: CA$8.50

Plant description

Latin Name : Citrus sinensis
English Name : Sweet orange
French Name : Orange douce
Family : Rutaceae
Origin : Italy, Mexico

History and Origin

Ancient small tree, that would be the result of the hybridisation between the grapefruit and the tangerine, cultivated in countries with hot climate, giving edible fruits: oranges.

Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Zest
Extraction : Cold pressing
Oil Characteristics : Mobile clear liquid, can appear cloudy. Yellowish orange colour with a characteristic scent of orange peel, sweet and fruity
Properties : Calming, sedative++, anti-inflammatory+, anticoagulant, fluidifying+, bitter tonic (low dose)++
Indications : Anxiety, vertigo, nervousness++, dyspepsia++, flatulences, gastric spasms, slow blood flow, sleeping disorders
Energetic and Emotional Effect : It sweeps away negativity
It repairs damages of the auric field.
It purifies emotional vibrations heavily laden
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It is nice to put a few drops of this oil in your favorite dishes like desserts, soups and drinks. 


In diffusion: joyful and cheerful aroma. Create a sense of wonder and encourages communication (mouth chakra).
It purifies heavy emotions cause by anger and conflicts.


Top note, fruity. 


It is used in making skin care and hair products.


It blends well with other citrus or spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, fir and lavender.  
















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Recipes and Hints

Sleeping disorders

Take 5 drops with a little cold water.

For meditation (slowing mental activity)

Have a glass of water with 10ml of sweet gale hydrosol and 4-5 drops of orange essential oil. 

Safety Data and Contraindications

Photosensitizing in external use. 



Lot B-CISIMEX08Q (2015/05)


Monoterpenes: limonene (95,54 %), β-myrcene (1,90 %), α-pinene (0,54 %)

Monoterpenols: linalool (0,33 %)


Lot B-CISIMEX07R (n.a.)


Monoterpenes: limonene (95,87 %), myrcene (2,19 %), α-pinene (0,56 %)

Monoterpenols: linalool (0,37 %)  


Lot B-CISIBRA11R (2017/06)


Monoterpenes: limonene (94,9103 %), myrcene (1,8471 %)


Lot B-CISIMEX12R (2017/02)


Monoterpenes: limonene (95,23 %), β-myrcene (1,99 %)


Lot B-CISIMEX09S (2018/01)


Monoterpenes: limonene (93,61 %), myrcene (1,84 %), α-pinene (0,50 %)


Lot BCISIZMEX04T (2018/03)


Monoterpene: limonene (95,8 %)


Lot BCISIZMEX11T (2019/07)


Monoterpene: limonene (95,5 %)


Lot BCISIZMEX03V (2020/12)


Monoterpene: limonene (95,64 %)





















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