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Lavandin Burnati Super (Lavandula burnatii) Essential Oil

Lavandin Burnati Super (Lavandula burnatii) Essential Oil

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True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Essential Oil


Lavandin abrialis (Lavandula hybrida) Essential Oil

Lavandin Burnati Super (Lavandula burnatii) Essential Oil

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Availability: In stock

From: CA$11.30

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From: CA$11.30

Plant description

Latin Name : Lavandula burnatii, hybrida var. super
English Name : Lavandin super
French Name : Lavandin super
Family : Lamiaceae
Origin : France

History and Origin

Lavandin and True Lavender share the same origins. Lavendin is the result of the hybridization of two lavenders, true lavender and wild lavender, with botanical and pharmacological properties averaging those of their ascendants. Bees, with cross pollination, were the first to realize this hybridization. Lavandin super is the result of such hybridization. It presents characteristics of both true lavender and spike lavender. This variety shares the antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties of true lavender. But its yield in essential oil is more important than lavender, which explains its inferior price.

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Flowering tops
Extraction : Steam distillation
Main Components : Monoterpenic alcohols (linalool +- 30%), esters (linalyle acetate, 40%)
Oil Characteristics : Clear mobile liquid of a pale yellow color presenting the typical smell of lavender, agrestic and slightly camphoric.
Properties : Negativating (predominant), antispasmodic+++, calming, sedative, muscle relaxant, hypotensive +++, anti-inflammatory, analgesic++, variable anti-infectious (staphyl. aureus), tonic, cardiotonic+, cicatrizant+, mild anticoagulant, fluidifying+
Indications : Solar plexus spasms, insomnia, anxiety+++, sleep disorders, infectious, allergic or cicatricial dermatitis, eschars, varicose ulcer, wounds, burns, pruritus++, cramps++, cardialgia, tachycardia, phlebitis, blood viscosity

Energetic and Emotional Effect

Relaxes and purifies. Eases inner peace and calmness.

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 One drop on a sugar cube or in a warm drink enhances digestion. Lavendin brings an original touch to cakes, puddings and many drinks and desserts.


 Used in the crafting of perfumes and colognes.


 A few drops on a cloth or a pouch of dried flowers will perfume linen and keep moths away. A few drops can also be poured into the washer tank. You can also use it blended will rubbing alcohol and water to clean and disinfect faucets and handles in the bathroom. Also pleasant to use in your vacuum cleaner.


 Lavendin can be used in the bath, in massage oil or in creams.


Blends well with orange and marjoram.

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Safety Data and Contraindications

  • Not recommended in the first three months of pregnancy, in breastfeeding women and in epileptic persons.
  • Not recommended in case of low blood pressure.



Monoterpenol: linalool (35,17 %)

Terpene ester: linalyl acetate (31,21 %)

Terpene oxide: 1,8 cineole (5,35 %)

Monoterpene ketone: camphor (5,35 %)


Lot B-LABUSESP09R (2017/04)


Monoterpenol : linalool (34,48 %)

Terpene ester: linalyl acetate (33,09 %)

Monoterpene ketone: camphor (5,76 %)  


Lot BLABUSESP02T (2019/01)


Monoterpenol: linalool (36,47 %)

Terpene ester: linalyl acetate (32,00 %)

Monoterpene ketone: camphor (5,29 %) 


















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Documentation and References

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