Aliksir, organic and genuine since 1988!

Our craft being distillation, our job is to give it all we have to produce essential oils and hydrosols of the best quality possible. For wild as much as for cultivated crops, low pressure, precise botanical identification and chromatographic validation are the rule. We also endorse as a mission bringing to you all the knowledge and tools necessary to your daily empowerment, making you independent and creative!

Organic products sold by Aliksir are certified OCQV, USDA and Agriculture biologique.


Lucie B. Mainguy, co-founder

Ms Mainguy, who studied architecture and worked as a teacher and architect, developed a true passion for aromatherapy in the 1980s. Back then, she read every book and took every course available. Her dedication was found. In 1988, Lucie and Pierre Mainguy, who passed away, start up Aliksir and begin exploring the aromatic potential of Quebec, one plant at the time, starting with conifers. Enthusiastic and communicative, she now dedicates herself to educating people to aromatherapy and to giving workshops and conferences to awaken new passions.


Our Values


Respecting Nature, our Nature, is one of our core values. This is the reason why we, whenever possible, elect organic certified for importation, fair trade when possible.


In all that we do, reducing our ecological footprint is a goal. Recycling, reducing waste, re-using, composting and exploiting residues are all ways to consume less in order to mitigate the effects of human activity on our one and only Planet.


All our products are full of the beneficial properties of medicinal and aromatic plants and free of the direct or cumulative toxicity of synthetical texturizers, preservatives, fragrances, and other damageable substances usually found in industrial cosmetics and household products.


All our products carry the SIMPLEST list of ingredients possible.


Our Team