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Chocolate and Orange Breakfast Pudding

By Alice Mainguy 13 days ago 81 Views

Everybody knows breakfast provides the energy we need to perform in the morning, after the night fast. Nevertheless, we too often neglect this crucial meal. This easy, versatile and hyper-nutritive recipe is a good way to get our morning nutrients without setting the alarm clock at 5 am.

Sea-Buckthorn Cocktail

By Alice Mainguy 27 days ago 189 Views

This drink harmonizes the most colorful aromas of Portneuf, from La Ferme d'Achille's sea buckthorn to Aliksir's chocolate peppermint. Cheers!

Spinach Dip

By Alice Mainguy 1 month ago 225 Views

A safe bet for the next potluck, with an original twist so you can brag about it!


By Alice Mainguy 2 months ago 250 Views

It's summer time! Here is a refreshing snack to prepare with the kids on vacation. Again, the combinations are endless. Some suggestions:

Watermelon Gazpacho

By Alice Mainguy 2 months ago 276 Views

I discovered this seemingly daring mix in a potluck, from a Spanish friend. The sweetness of the watermelon subtly balances the acidity of the tomato. I just can't get enough!

E5 Cocktails

By Alice Mainguy 3 months ago 237 Views

This very special Aliksir recipe, made entirely from plant extracts, helps spirits reach new heights bringing a delicate euphoria!

Spicy Mayonnaises

By Alice Mainguy 3 months ago 216 Views

Ça goûte donc bon d’la mayonnaise… On peut pas dire à quoi ça goûte.

Have you ever seen the Québec classic play, Les voisins, by Claude Meunier and Louis Saia? These neighbours described mayonnaise with just the right words.

Here are a couple recipes to surprise your guests this barbecue season. Bring the good old mayonnaise to the next level!

Iced Tchaï Latte

By Alice Mainguy 3 months ago 200 Views

Under the summer heats, allow yourself this refreshing health break.

Flavoured Butters

By Alice Mainguy 4 months ago 224 Views

Try these spicy butters for your lobster feasts!

For tasty instant croutons, you can also freeze little portions in ice trays and store them in an air-tight container.

Lemon and Dill Smoked Fish

By Alice Mainguy 4 months ago 328 Views

Today we are revealing our contribution to the 2017 Grand Festin Québec Exquis that took place in April. Among numerous local creations, the guests had the chance to taste these delicate bites, born from the twinning of Aliksir with Grizzly and Saint-Antoine smokehouses.