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Lemon and Dill Smoked Fish

By Alice Mainguy 5 days ago 29 Views

Today we are revealing our contribution to the 2017 Grand Festin Québec Exquis that took place in April. Among numerous local creations, the guests had the chance to taste these delicate bites, born from the twinning of Aliksir with Grizzly and Saint-Antoine smokehouses.

Surprise Flans

By Alice Mainguy 19 days ago 58 Views

We are here revisiting the classic Spanish flan under various accents. The most popular flavours in the family are ginger, grapefruit and anise. But once again, essential oils offer a myriad of original possibilities.

Maple Caramel Banana Jam

By Alice Mainguy 26 days ago 110 Views

Here is an easy and delectable recipe taken from the book Mes recettes de cuisine aux huiles essentielles : Plaisir, santé et minceur, by Danièle Festy, at Éditions Leduc.s.

Hot Grapefruit

By Alice Mainguy 1 month ago 121 Views

Have you ever heard of the Pop Café in Grondines, Portneuf? Each month, the Pop offers a convivial brunch where the constantly renewed menu delights and surprises. In February, the hot grapefruit seduced me from the first bite...

Perfumed Chocolate Cream

By Stéphanie Gauthier 1 month ago 136 Views

The Easter bunny is just around the corner! Grown-ups can also have chocolate treats...

Dried Fruits Salad

By Rachèle Mainguy 1 month ago 127 Views

Khoshaf is a dried fruits salad from Egypt.

An exotic delight that is traditionally prepared a few days in advance. But for those last minute style, don’t worry! A shortcut exists.

Yields 8-10 portions

Aliksir at Expo manger santé et Vivre vert 2017

By Rachèle Mainguy 3 months ago 259 Views

Again this year, Aliksir invites you to come see us during the Expo manger santé et vivre vert.

We will be in Quebec March 18th and 19th, and in Montreal, March 24th, 25th , and 26th. We will be very happy to give you a taste of our already famous Creamed honey 25+. We will also present to you our Buying groups, entirely supported by a brand new online module and Website.

Come and meet us!

Happy Valentine's Day

By Rachèle Mainguy 3 months ago 336 Views

Aliksir wishes you a heartfelt very happy Saint-Valentine's Day.

Why not cease the occasion to exchange a loving massage, or simply caring, with your loved ones?

Use our massage oil Serenade, with warm and sensual notes, or blend your own oil for the occasion with the ingredients you have at hand. Making sure to avoid photosensitizing essential oils, like bergamot, or irritating essential oils, like cinnamon or oregano, blend 5% to 10% essential oil in 90% to 95% of vegetable oil. You can even blend your oils directly in the palm of your hand.


Aliksir at Expo Yoga / Palais des congrès de Montréal February 1th & 12th 2017

4 months ago 902 Views
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Welcome to our new website

By Sylvain Bouchard 4 months ago 584 Views

Grab a handful of confetti!

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