Marqueur/Protecteur, Diffuser Blend

Marqueur/Protecteur, Diffuser Blend

Garde-robe (Wardrobe), Diffuser Blend

Garde-robe (Wardrobe), Diffuser Blend

Marqueur/Protecteur, Diffuser Blend

To protect from small invaders!

Product Description

Widely known is the fact that animals and insects are very sensitive to smells. This complex will help you mark your territory and protect it from sneaky invaders. When a tomcat adopts your veranda, simply spray your smell marker on its favorite spots. Effect will last several days. Repeat until it’s completely discouraged!


Balsam fir, Eastern white cedar, Peppermint, Clove and Cinnamon.

Properties: Repulsive.
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When spray on surfaces, it helps keep away undesirables.


Strong peppermint and eastern white cedar aromas.


Marker-Protector plant spray (1L)

  • 60ml Neem oil (See Vegetable and Maceration Oils)
  • 60ml phosphate-free dishwashing liquid
  • 10ml of Marker/protector Complex

Shake well and fill-up with water.

Against pests in your garden:

Spray frequently on affected plants or on the ground arount it, untill pests are completely gone. Watch closely and repeat if needed.

Against ants invasion:

Spray on your doorstep or on the walking path of your small invaders to the pantry. If possible, try to find their entry point to your house.


Marker-Protector spray (500ml)

  • 10ml of Marker/protector complex
  • 5ml phosphate-free dishwashing liquid

Shake well and fill-up with water.

To protect your luggage against pests (bed bugs and others):

In your luggage, place about 12 diffuser balls (with 5-6 drops of complex per ball).

Then, during your trip, use a sprayer to vaporize the exterior of your luggage, every day.


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This product is designed for diffusion or inhalation.
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