Bene-Onction, Care Oil

Bene-Onction, Care Oil

Green Pomade

Green Pomade

Cellulitban, Care Oil

Cellulitban, Care Oil

Bene-Onction, Care Oil - Body Care - Natural Care

An oil blend with a purpose of regeneration and healing.

Product Description

Ingredients : St-John’s wort macerated oil. Essential oils of spearmint, eastern white cedar, lavender officinalis, and yarrow.
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Technical Informations

Properties in aromatherapy: Oil which helps repair and stimulates cell regeneration. It contains essential oils known for their antiseptic and healing properties.
Indications: Wounds, burns. 


Apply locally.


A tingling sensation in the wound can be experienced due to the activation of the cicatrization. Evaluate the severity of the injury before applying the preparation on an open wound. 

It is recommended to make sensitivity and allergy tests on a small skin surface (inside the elbow or wrist). We recommend, in case of irritation, to dilute the preparation with a good quality vegetable oil or to stop the use.



Aliksir strongly recommends that you consult with a physician or aromatherapist. It is important to inform yourself concerning contraindications or incompatibilities with other substances. Essential oils are powerful, and they must be used according to the physiological doses.

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