After-Shave, Richard

After-Shave, Richard

Serum ZAP'em, 10ml

Serum ZAP'em, 10ml

Radieux, Radiant hair and face mist

Radieux, Radiant hair and face mist

After-Shave, Richard - Facial Care - Natural Care


Product Description

After-shave prepared with hydrosols and essential oils chosen to tone up and smooth the skin.


Hydrosols of lavender, rose and melissa.

Essential oils of lavandin super, spearmint and sandalwood.

Soy lecithin, alcohol (0,42 %).

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After-Shave or Parfume.



Aliksir strongly recommends that you consult with a physician or aromatherapist. It is important to inform yourself concerning contraindications or incompatibilities with other substances. Essential oils are powerful, and they must be used according to the physiological doses.

Our After-shave may freeze in the transportation during winter. This usually does not affect the product or container. But if you wish to make sure your products do not remain in your mailbox, ask for the Signature Delivery.

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