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Zen Baby, Massage Oil

Zen Baby, Massage Oil


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Massage Base


Relax, Massage Oil

Zen Baby, Massage Oil

A massage oil gentle enough for baby, yet very pleasant for all. 

Product Description

When your baby is having trouble, very normal for the age, you might be looking for a way to support him or her through it. Bébé Zen, very soft on the skin, is designed to soothe your baby thanks to the antispasmodic and relaxing properties of its active ingredients. Combined with your loving touch, Bébé Zen brings a delightful aroma to your care. Suitable for babies and children in general, but you should try it on yourself!

Ingredients: Coconut and St-John's wort macerated oil. Essential oils: geranium, lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile.

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Technical Informations

Properties in aromatherapy: Massage oil with essential oils known for their calming, antispasmodic and relaxing properties. 
Indications: Baby and child massage. 


Massage oil. 


Directions: Pour oil in the palm of your hand to warm it up. Apply on tummy, back and sole of the feet of your baby, and massage, without pressing on the tummy. Note: Make a test on the inner wrist of your baby before using the product. 



Aliksir strongly recommends that you consult with a physician or aromatherapist. It is important to inform yourself concerning contraindications or incompatibilities with other substances. Essential oils are powerful, and they must be used according to the physiological doses.

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