Tonka bean (Dipteryx odorata) Absolute

Tonka bean (Dipteryx odorata) Absolute

Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) Absolute

Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) Absolute

Tonka bean (Dipteryx odorata) Absolute - Absolutes - Plant extracts

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Plant description

Latin Name : Dipteryx odorata (synonym: Coumarouna odorata)
English Name : Tonka bean, Tonka seed
French Name : Fève tonka
Family : Fabaceae
Origin : Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana, France

History and Origin

Tonka beans are found in the Brazilian teak-tree fruit (Dipteryx odorata), a tree which can reach up to 30 meters in height and bearing violet flowers. Its fruits look like mangoes. The tree is from the Caribbean region and South America. It can mainly be found in Venezuela, Guyana and in Brazil.

The word tonka comes from the Tupi language, spoken by the Amerindians from Guyana and Brazil. The name refers to the tree itself. One of the main substances tonka bean is made of, the coumarin, gets its name from another Tupi word to designate the tree, kumaru. The substance was isolated for the first time in 1820 from tonka beans.

The Amazon Indians consider it as a lucky charm. According to tradition, simply make a wish with a tonka bean in the left hand and a snake in the right hand for it to happen.

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Beans
Extraction : Alcohol extraction
Oil Characteristics : Liquid with an orange-dark brown color. It has vanilla, honeyed and sugared notes. The smell reminds of almond.
Properties : Antispasmodic, relaxing and analgesic. Slightly anxiolytic and antidepressant.
Indications : Sleeping disorders, regulation of blood pressure. Depression, anxiety.



Very popular with top chefs over the past few years, tonka bean has found its place in our plate. It is used to give vanilla, caramel and almond aromas to food. It is often used to flavor chocolate, desserts and drinks.


Bottom note. Tonka bean is used to fix perfumes. It is mainly used today in fougère, oriental and floral perfumes.


Tonka bean absolute will bring a warm scent to your cosmetic, plus a vanilla and caramel hint. Use it to create rich and delectable skin care.


Dipteryx odorata Absolute can solidify or crystallize at room temperature. This does not affect the quality and the properties of the product. Just warm the bottle in your hands, under running warm water or in a water bath for a few minutes so the oil liquefies again. 

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  • Tonka bean absolute contains a natural compound, the coumarin, that may present a risk of allergy in some sensitive individuals.
  • Can be photosensitizing.



Lot B-DIODVEN04S (2017/09)


Alcohol: ethanol (73,62 %)

Coumarin: coumarin (13,19 %)


Lot BDIODVEN08T (2019/06)


Alcohol: ethanol (76,14 %)

Coumarin: coumarin (9,73 %)


Lot BABSDIODFRA03V (2020/09)


Alcohol: ethanol (78,34 %)

Coumarin: coumarin (10,18 %)






























































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