Niaouli (ct. 1,8-Cineol) (Melaleuca quinquenervia) Essential Oil

Niaouli (ct. 1,8-Cineol) (Melaleuca quinquenervia) Essential Oil

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Essential Oil

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Essential Oil

Nerolina (ct. Nerolidol) (Melaleuca quinquenervia) Essential Oil

Nerolina (ct. Nerolidol) (Melaleuca quinquenervia) Essential Oil

Niaouli (ct. 1,8-Cineol) (Melaleuca quinquenervia) Essential Oil

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Niaouli (ct. 1,8-Cineol) (Melaleuca quinquenervia) Essential Oil

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Niaouli (ct. 1,8-Cineol) (Melaleuca quinquenervia) Essential Oil
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Plant description

Latin Name : Melaleuca viridiflora, Melaleuca quinquenervia ct cineolifera
English Name : Niaouli
French Name : Niaouli
Family : Myrtaceae
Origin : Australia, Madagascar, New Guinea

History and Origin

Originally from New-Caledonian tree malenia leucodendron. Niaouli, named that way by the Native people, is mainly from New-Caledonia. It provides, with melaleuca cajeputi from the Moluccas, the essence of niaouli (cajuput) to the perfumery industry (Journ. offic. 9 sept. 1875, p. 7703, 1st col.)


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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Leaves
Extraction : Steam distillation
Oil Characteristics : Clear liquid of a pale yellow color with a fresh smell reminding eucalyptus.
Properties : Anti-infectious, antibacterial (not very active on enterobacteria but highly active on staphylococcus aureus+++, pneumococcus+, streptococcus b-hem. gra+++, enterococcus++), anti-mycobacterial, antifungal (candidiasis++), antiviral+++ (including slow acting viruses), antiparasitic (plasmodium) and antiseptic, antipyretic, anticatarrhal, expectorant+++, balsamic stimulant, anti-inflammatory+, antirheumatic, allergy symptoms moderator, analgesic, antipruritic, antihypertensive, hepatocytary stimulant, venous decongestant++, litholytic+, “hormon-like” (action on hypophyso-ovarian axis, oestrogen-like and hypophyso-testicular), skin, topical tonic, skin protecting (chemical protector)
Indications : Coronaritis, endocarditis, arteritis+++, atherosclerosis, hemogliasis, varixes++, haemorrhoids++. Chronic catarrhal respiratory infections, sinusitis++, rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis+++, tuberculosis; blepharitis, genital herpes+++, condyloma acuminatum+, flat lesions+++, dysplasia of cervix+++, vulvovaginitis, leucorrhoeal vaginitis, fibroma (certain types)++, breast cancer (non hormone dependent), amygdalitis, aerophagia, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, viral hepatitis+++, mild hepatic insufficiency+, cholelithiasis, viral enteritis, diarrhoea, cholera, rectal cancer, urethritis and prostatitis (oil instillation of 5-10%), psoriasis, insect bites, furuncles, fungal dermatitis, leprosy, over infected wounds and wounds from electrocoagulation, wrinkles, stiff skin syndrome, (preventive before radiotherapy treatment, local application), rheumatoid arthritis, nervous breakdown (caused by viral infection)

Energetic and Emotional Effect

It purifies the energies. It is efficient in case of mental breakdown and apathy.

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Not very popular, but it’s good with cinnamon in honey. Makes for good syrup to fight cough and colds.


Because of its antibacterial properties, it is a good diffusion choice, but its aroma is better presented combined with other oils. These can be citruses, palmarosa, or why not a touch of clove.


To cleanse acneic skins, apply on a wet cotton pad or facecloth. 










  • Gingivitis: Wet facecloth with 15 drops of oil applied on the cheek. Can also be used as a mouthwash (three drops of niaouli with half a teaspoon of sea salt poured into 1/3 cup of water, three times a day.
  • Otitis, sinusitis, congestion, and plugged ears: Apply 5-6 drops of pure essential oil around the ear and gently massage the skin depression behind the lower part of the ear.


None know under physiological dosages. Caution in pregnant woman and children.


Lot B-MEQUCMDG11R (2017/10)


Terpene Oxide: 1,8 cineole (57,75 %)

Monoterpenes: α-pinene (8,70 %), limonene (7,56 %)


Lot B-MEQUCIMDG05S (n.a.)


Terpene Oxide: 1,8 cineole (56,37 %)

Monoterpenes: α-pinene (8,71 %), limonene (7,41 %)  


Lot B-MEQUCIMDG09S (2018/08)


Terpene Oxide: 1,8 cineole (61,86 %)

Monoterpenes: α-pinene (10,28 %), limonene (8,20 %) 


Lot BMEQUCIMDG09T (2019/09)


Terpene Oxide: 1,8-Cineol (57,90 %)

Monoterpenes: α-pinene (9,21 %), limonene (7,48 %)


Lot BMEQUCIMDG06U (2020/04)


Terpene Oxide: 1,8-Cineole (64,9 %)

Monoterpenes: α-pinene (8,3 %), limonene (6,8 %)

























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Documentation and References

  • P. Franchomme et Docteur P. Pénoël, Éditions Roger Jollois
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