St-Thomas Bay (Pimenta racemosa) Essential Oil

St-Thomas Bay (Pimenta racemosa) Essential Oil

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Essential Oil

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) Essential Oil

Norway Pine (Pinus resinosa) Essential Oil

Norway Pine (Pinus resinosa) Essential Oil

St-Thomas Bay (Pimenta racemosa) Essential Oil

Bay West Indies (Pimenta racemosa) Essential Oil

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Bay West Indies (Pimenta racemosa) Essential Oil
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Plant description

Latin Name : Pimenta racemosa
English Name : St-Thomas Bay
French Name : Bay de St-Thomas, Bois d’inde
Family : Myrtaceae
Origin : Jamaica, Dominica

History and Origin

Pimenta racemosa is a tree of the myrtaceae family that grows mainly on the Caribbean Islands. Its leaves and berries are distilled with alcohol to give a lotion called "bay rum", used as an after-shave, toilet water or for treating muscular aches and pains. The berries are used in many creole dishes for their warm and spicy aroma, reminding of clove.

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Leafy twigs
Extraction : Steam distillation
Oil Characteristics : Mobile liquid with a dark brown colour and a warm and spicy scent reminding of clove.
Properties : Antibacterial, powerful anti-viral, antimycosis, anti-inflammatory (stops inflammatory process and reduces inflammation), eupeptic, antispasmodic, hyperemiant, stimulant, warming, analgesic, powerful immuno-stimulant, gastric and duodenal anti-ulcer.
Indications : Digestive troubles (dyspepsia), constipation, muscle tensions, joint pains, athletic foot, hair shampoos and lotions. Helps hair grow. Limits formation of dandruff. Strengthens the scalp.

Energetic and Emotional Effect 

St-Thomas Bay oil stimulates and sharpens mind. Its energy helps to accept ourselves and express our personality.

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Used in the kitchen to perfume various dishes.


Warm and spicy scent.


Can be used in making lotions and shampoosto help hair grow, strengthen the scalp and limit formation of dandruff.


  • None known under physiological dosages.


Lot PIRAJAM02Q (2015-09)


Phenols : eugenol (49,55 %), chavicol (10,96 %)

Monoterpenes : myrcene (25,10 %), limonene (2,38 %)

Monoterpenol : linalol (1,95 %)


Lot PIRADMA04V (2020/04)


Phenols: eugenol (47,41 %), chavicol (11,49 %)

Monoterpene: myrcene (24,68 %)






































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Documentation and References

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