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Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina) Hydrosol

Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina) Hydrosol

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Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina) Hydrosol

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From: CA$13.60

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From: CA$13.60

Plant description

Latin Name: Comptonia perigrina
English Name: Sweet fern
French Name: Comptonie voyageuse
Family: Myricaceae
Origin : Canada

History and Origin

Sweet fern grows easily in acid, sandy and dry grounds such as meadows, pastures and woodland clearings. It is frequently found in association with jack pine (Pinus divaricata). It does not tolerate shade and colonizes burnt-out woods and clear cutting sites. Its roots associate with bacteria able to stabilize nitrogen contained in the air. It is a medium-sized shrub with very aromatic leaves, dotted with dark green resiniferous glands recalling fern.

Native Americans use it in infusions to treat headaches, flues, fever and bronchial obstructions. The leaves also help treating diarrhea, skin inflammations (such as poison ivy), affections, and sprains. The root relieves rheumatisms and inflammations whereas fruits and bark would be used to prepare a tonic beverage. Fresh leaves helped conservation when placed at the bottom of a fruit basket. 

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Extraction : Steam distillation
pH : 3.8
Aroma and taste : A mildly fruity, very green and dry herbal scent with an unusual undertone. The taste undiluted is herby sweet, with a strong taste of bitter cherries, really yummy. Diluted, the cherry fades and the herb moves forward. All in all a truly delightful and delicious drink.
Stability and Shelf Life : Unknown. Certainly lasts one year or more, and based on the pH and initial trials, probably two years or more.

Properties and Applications

Moderately antibacterial and astringent; use undiluted as a mouthwash for toothache, sore gums, and cankers; it works amazingly well – even better when combined with immortelle. Like bay laurel, sweet fern clears the lymphatic system, and I would choose this over bay for internal use in cases of malignant lymph nodes or tumors. In cancer treatments, combine with sweet gale and use at 50 to 70 percent dilution topically as a compress, or internally take up to sixty millilitres per day diluted in water, in combination with any other treatments being used. There are a number of reported cases of cows being cured of tumors after grazing on sweet fern. Observation: The hydrosol acts on the solar plexus, from the front chest to the back (it activates « three fires in one »: umbilicus, kidneys, and heart, as indicated in chi kung). Sweet fern hydrosol raises the energetic pressure in the throat and jaw region. It also eases digestion. It can therefore be taken at night as a mint herbal tea to wake up with appetite.

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Documentation and References

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