Benzoin (Styrax benzoe) Oleoresin

Benzoin (Styrax benzoe) Oleoresin

Vanilla (Vanilla fragrans) Hydrosoluble Oleoresin

Vanilla (Vanilla fragrans) Hydrosoluble Oleoresin

Benzoin (Styrax benzoe) Oleoresin - Oleoresins - Plant extracts

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Mix of pure oleoresin and organic ethanol. Dissolution is necessary for an easy use. 

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Benzoin (Styrax benzoe) Oleoresin
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Plant description

Latin Name : Styrax benzoe (synonym: Styrax tonkinensis)
English Name : Benzoin
French Name : Benjoin
Family : Styracaceae
Origin : Indonesia (Sumatra, Java), Malaysia, Laos

History and Origin

Large tropical tree with light green leaves and hard shell fruits. Benzoin comes from Sumatra, Java and Malaysia. The gum is extracted by making an incision in the trunk of the tree. Styrax is known since Antiquity for its disinfectant and perfuming properties.  








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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Gum
Extraction : Solvent extraction
Oil Characteristics : Viscous brown-orange oil. Smell that reminds of vanilla and caramel. Rich and sweet.
Energetic and Emotional Effect : It creates a feeling of euphoria. It warms and soothes the body. Benzoin has an effect on the third eye chakra and the second chakra.



Decreases skin irritation and inflammation. This oleoresin is used in nursing to protect skin against irritation caused by bandages.


Bergamot, sandalwood, rose, jasmine, orange, cypress, lemon, coriander.


Styrax benzoe Oleoresin can solidify or crystallize at room temperature. This does not affect the quality and the properties of the product. Just warm the bottle in your hands, under running warm water or in a water bath for a few minutes so the oil liquefies again.



  • Not known.


Lot OLEOSTBEIDN07R1 (2016/10)


Esters: ethyl citrate (52,85 %), cinnamyl cinnamate (2,78 %)

Acids: cinnamic acid (34,57 %), benzoic acid (4,45 %)


Lot BOLEOSTBELAO06S1 (2017/12)


Alcohol: ethanol (39,26 %)

Acid: benzoic acid (37,35 %)


Lot BOLEOSTBELAO06S2 (2018/03)


Alcohol: ethanol (54,79 %)

Acid: benzoic acid (33,37 %) 


Lot BOLEOSTBELAO09U (2020/03)


Alcohol: ethanol (54,22 %)

Acid: benzoic acid (33,94 %) 







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Documentation and References

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