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Yuzu Zest Distilled (Citrus junos) Essential Oil

Yuzu Zest Distilled (Citrus junos) Essential Oil

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Indian Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) Essential Oil

Yuzu Zest Distilled (Citrus junos) Essential Oil

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From: CA$27.37

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From: CA$27.37

Plant description

Latin Name : Citrus junos
English Name : Yuzu 
French Name : Yuzu
Family : Rutaceae
Origin : Japan 

History and Origin

Yuzu is a citrus native from East Asia. It is a hybrid between wild mandarin and ichang lemon. 

Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Zest
Extraction : Steam distillation
Oil Characteristics : Clear mobile liquid colorless to yellow with a delicate scent of citrus, between lime and mandarin. 
Properties : Relaxant, calming, sedative. Sympathetic nervous system soothing, antiseptic, digestive tonic.
Indications : Nervous asthma, chest tightness, dyspnoea+++, stress, restlessness, excitement, anger, sadness++++, insomnia, anxiety +++, cardiac rhythm disorders : palpitations, hypertension++, heavy meal, bloating, mild constipation ++.
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Yuzu is used in recipes the same way as lemon.


Its delicate citrus scent is extremely popular in perfumery. Yuzu is often used to perfume homemade beauty products.  


Yuzu essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of juice and zest. This production method doesn't pose a risk of cutaneous photosensitization.


Lot CIJUJPN03R (2014/01)


Monoterpenes : limonene (76,80 %), γ-terpinene (9,98 %), β-phellandrene (3,05 %)


Lot CIJUJPN002S (2017/01)


Monoterpenes : limonene (75,64 %), γ-terpinene (8,49 %), β-phellandrene (3,29 %)

Documentation and References

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