Tagetes (Tagetes minuta) Essentail Oil

Tagetes (Tagetes minuta) Essentail Oil

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Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) Essential Oil

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Tagetes (Tagetes minuta) Essentail Oil

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Plant description

Latin Name : Tagetes minuta
English Name : Tagetes, Marigold
French Name : Tagète, tagète des décombres
Family : Asteraceae
Origin : India, Madagascar

History and Origin

Tagetes is an annual plant with a powerful scent. It is native to South America and Mexico, but it now grows wild in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. Tagetes measures around 30 centimeters in height, its flowers are orange and its oval leaves are soft green. In some areas, it is considered as a noxious invasive plant. Be careful not to confuse tagetes with the "pot" marigold (Calendula officinalis).

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Aerial part
Extraction : Steam distillation
Oil Characteristics : Mobile liquid with a reddish yellow colour. Fresh and fruity odor with apple and chamomile hints.



Tagetes is used to flavor alcoholic beverage and soft drinks. 


Tagetes is often used in herbaceous and floral perfumes for its green apple-like aroma.


It is used for foot care (bunions, calluses, corns and fungal infections).


Sage, ylang-ylang, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, geranium, orange, lemon.


  • Tagetes is neurotoxic at high doses due to the presence of ketones (25%). It is not recommended for pregnant woman and children, or for people who suffer from epilepsy.
  • Tagetes oil is photosensitizing. Do not exceed 0.05% in preparations for dermal application.
  • Tagetes oil can be irritating (external use only in diluted form. Limit the use to small quantities over short periods).


Lot B-TAMIIND05S (2018/01)


Monoterpenes: limonene (2,58 %), (z)-β-ocimene (41,16 %), allo-ocimene (1,28 %)

Ketones: dihydrotagetone (9,79 %), (z)-tagetone (5,25 %), (z)-ocimenone (2,01 %)


Lot BTAMIIND01V (2020/12)


Monoterpene: cis-ocimene (26,96 %)

Organic Compound: methyl ethyl butenyl ether (16,20 %)

Monoterpenone: camphor (8,94 %)


Lot BTAMIIND12W (2022/10)


Monoterpene: cis-ocimene (25,79 %)

Monoterpenone: camphor (8,76 %)













































































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