Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) Essential Oil

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) Essential Oil

Valerian, Common (Valeriana officinalis) Essential Oil

Valerian, Common (Valeriana officinalis) Essential Oil

Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) Essential Oil

Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) Essential Oil

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) Essential Oil

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This vetiver essential oil is sold as conventional in Canada although it comes from a certified organic farming in Haiti. Aliksir can assure you the excellent quality of this essential oil. 

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Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) Essential Oil
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Plant description

Latin Name : Vetiveria zizanioides
English Name : Vetiver
French Name : Vétiver
Family : Poaceae or gramineae
Origin : Haiti, India, Indonesia

History and Origin

Native to India and Indonesia, vetiver belongs to the poaceae family, also known as gramineae family. Its leaves are long and narrow. Its strong roots develop vertically and can grow 2 to 3 meters deep. The plant is very useful, because of its roots, to protect the soils from erosion and to control water run-off. It is the plant roots which are distilled to obtain essential oil. 

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Aromatherapy Data Sheet

Distilled Part : Root
Extraction : Steam distillation
Oil Characteristics : Viscous liquid with a brownish-orange colour. The odour is earthy and woody, reminding of undergrowth.
Properties : Tonic and stimulating for glandular, circulatory +++, arterial and venous system. Immunostimulant, adenostimulant. Emmenagogue.
Indications : Pancreatic insufficiency, hepatic congestion. Coronaritis, vascularitis +++. Urticaria, infections in general. Immunodepression +++. Amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea.

Energetic and Emotional Effect 

Grounding and security. Vetiver is an oil which keeps us in contact with earth and stabilizes our energies. It unites the energies of all the major chakras. Associated with the root chakra, vetiver is comforting and stabilizing. Associated with the plexus solar chakra, it acts as a barrier to prevent the accumulation of bad energies coming from other persons and protects against excessive sensitivity. Vetiver can be used in individual meditation to center energies or in group meditation to align energies of all the persons involved. Its balancing nature reminds us the connexion between the spiritual and physical Self. 

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Roots, gathered into bundles, are used to repel insects, especially mites.


Vetiver is used very often in perfumery to create toilet waters and perfumes.


Not known under physiological doses.




Sesquiterpene alcohols : isovalencenol (11,41 %), khusimol (9,81 %)


Lot B-VEZIHTI05S (2017/09)


Sesquiterpenols : isovalencenol (12,81 %), khusimol (11,07 %)

Sesquiterpene : beta-vetivenene (1,84 %)

Sesquiterpenones : beta-vetivone (3,20 %), alpha-vetivone (2,18 %)


Lot VEZIHTI12S (2018-10)


Sesquiterpenols and sesquiterpenones: isovalencenol (14,13 %), khusimol + alpha-vetivone

(13,49 %), beta-vetivone (3,13 %)


Lot VEZIHTI04T (2019/03)


Sesquiterpenols and sesquiterpenones: isovalencenol (13,44 %), khusimol + alpha-vetivone

(12,45 %), beta-vetivone (3,57 %)


Lot VEZIHTI12T (2019/07)


Sesquiterpenols and sesquiterpenones: isovalencenol (13,12 %), khusimol + alpha-vetivone

(12,60 %), beta-vetivone (3,63 %)


Lot VEZIHTI09V (2021/07)


Sesquiterpenols: isovalencenol (15,62 %), khusimol (12,98 %)

Sesquiterpene: beta-vetivenene (2,01 %)

Sesquiterpenones: beta-vetivone (3,67 %), alpha-vetivone (4,99 %) 





















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