Khoshaf is a dried fruits salad from Egypt.

An exotic delight that is traditionally prepared a few days in advance. But for those last minute style, don’t worry! A shortcut exists.

Yields 8-10 portions



  • Mince all fruits.
  • In a bowl, dissolve sugar with hydrosols and orange juice.
  • Add fruits and stir.
  • Add enough water to immerge the fruits + 2cm.
  • Cover and let stand at room temperature for about 12hours.
  • Refrigerate for two days, and stir twice a day.

*You can play with the set of dried fruits to your liking: raisins, papayas, dates, figs, bananas, etc.

Fast Method

Warm up the orange juice and sugar, and then pour onto minced dried fruits. Add hydrosols and water. Stir and let stand for two hours.