In these times of microbial aggression by a CORONAVIRUS, Aliksir wants to do its share to help and support in the natural way. Essential oils can help us stay healthy

First, it is good to remember that the plant world developed very effective chemical defences against pathogens threatening its existence. Plants do not run fast, but they are expert in chemistry :)

The 3000-4000 aromatic plants classified in the world have a very wide range of active molecules with various functions. These perfumed molecules are very often associated with the plant’s defence system needed for their own survival. Fortunately, they are available in a concentrated and purified form, easy to use: ESSENTIAL OILS. Read about essential oils and you will find out there’s a lot of scientific studies to document their therapeutic or cosmetic uses.

For the fight against viruses and bacteria, focus on oils with a good proportion of phenols.

Let’s note that the tradition of seasoning meats with antiseptic herbs as clove bud, cinnamon, thyme, oregano and savory was used, in addition to tasting good, for sanitary protection at the time when the meats couldn’t be refrigerated for their conservation. This capacity of essential oils has been well scientifically documented by the Institut Armand Frappier (RESALA).

ATTENTION. These are natural products, but they are very concentrated and an inappropriate use or overdose can be irritating even toxic. For a use related to health problem, you must see a health professional.

In addition, the quality of aromatic products is highly variable and it is important to choose a good quality to get good results.

Wishing you happiness and good health,

Lucie B. Mainguy